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good vibes

I pride myself on doing good.

There is so much negativity in the world & a whole lotta human suffering. So I like to do my small bit to make a difference. 


When you book with me, 10% of your booking will be donated to one of my partner charities (of course, if you're super passionate about a charity then I'm happy to donate to them!)


The charities I partner with are focused on safe families, women's rights and safe access for women and children facing domestic violence. For some women, being in a relationship is life threatening. So, using this platform, I think it's important for everyone to have access to healthy relationships, or be given the opportunity to safely exit unhealthy relationships. 


I am also paperless (except for back up scripts on your wedding day!) & partner with socially conscious vendors.


When you book with me, not only are you supporting a small biz, but also local charities who are doing great things to improve the lives of others. 

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Research shows that victims of domestic violence are more likely to delay leaving an abusive relationship if they own a pet. Recognising the lack of pet-friendly refuse facilities for these victims, Safe Pets Safe Families was born. 

Working with registered foster carers and boarding services, they ensure pets stay safe, which allows owners to get back on their feet before being reunited permanently with their pets. 

Catherine House offers crisis, longer term accommodation and support services for women experiencing homelessness. 

The programs and services they provide are recovery orientated and trauma informed. 

Catherine House deals with the immediate issues created by homelessness and supports women in planning a future that helps her sustain housing and builds a life that is meaningful. 

Women's Legal Service (SA) is a community based legal centre and not-for-profit organisation which provides legal services, assistance and justice to the women of South Australia who are in vulnerable circumstances. 

The lawyers and volunteers at the Women's Legal Service provide free and confidential legal information over the phone, outreach, case management and assistance to women who cannot afford private legal services

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